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Bueno Coffee

Learn all you can about how good this product is and how you can use it to reduce your caffeine intake.

Bueno is a brew-able coffee substitute and is often used for making fancy drinks like Macchiatos, Frapaccinos, and so on. Check out our information on "Caffeine".
Vege Shreds

This is the best product on the market today. It maintains a great meat-like texture. Vege Shreds are very versatile and many large companies use them for making Chicken nuggets, hamburgers, casserole filling, and soups.

Great in soups and salads, also for making hamburgers. Great source of protein.
Vege Steaks

These are shipped FROZEN by the case.

If you are frying or mixing the steaks in with a fancy dish, they are mmm, mmm, good!

They have an incredible taste  with every bite bursting in flavor.