Turn Your Recipes Into Cash

It is a win win win! That's right. When you link up with us You Win!, Your Friends Win!, We Win! - - - Here is how.
When you create a receipe that uses one or more of or products, we want to help you share it with others. To do this, we will create a webpage that will have direct links to your website and the recipes that use our products.
BUT, there is more!

We will give you a unique code that you can share with all of your freinds and anyone who accesss your recipes. When they order any of our recipes, they can enter this unique code and they will receive a discount on their order, and you will receive a commission. This will continue every time an order is placed using your unique code.
So, come on! Get On Board! Share your recipe!
.        .
Here is what you need to do:

1) Contact us via the "mail link" below or copy and past this link,

2) Waite for our reply, you will be asked to send us links to the recipes that use our product.

3) We will enter all of your recipes/links.

4) We will send you a unique code that you can share with anyone you know.

5) As your friends order products using your unique code, we'll send you a check.

The more recipes ... The more contacts ... The you will earn.

Email us: Click here to add your recipes!